English Immersion Online

Hi there! I´m Leonarda Flyhigher, English Coach in Proficiency . I will be working with you with WORK & PRODUCTION class and I will lead you into the best divices to get to the top of proficiency in English. Now you need to follow some steps.


Cambridge. First, I use Write&Improve by Cambridge to write and lead the students to write some speech for their presentations. Please, visit Cambridge website and get started. There are 3 levels of knowledge: Beginner| Intermerdiate | Advanced Visit this site https://writeandimprove.com/  

Language Tool. Then I copy and paste at Language Tool because of its colour and option of word replacement that is very good. Visit this site: https://languagetool.org/pt/

Practice using these two 2 online tools.


Now we are going to use a program to record your speaking on video. Please install this https://screencast-o-matic.com/ program on your computer/notebook.

STEP O2: Voice Lab


Then I use 2 online programs for Voice Lab. There you will record your speaking.
1) https://www.speakpipe.com/voice-recorder clicking  on Save On Server, you will get the link of your recording. In Open in a New Window, you will get your link.
2) https://vocaroo.com/ At the (green button) you can hear your recording, and just below you have the option "Click here to save". Here you can copy and paste your link, and also Email directly.

STEP O4: Video Conference


We will also be working on video conference. Please sign in at https://zoom.us/ 
We will be using Facebook Messenger as well. Please ask for friendship at our Facebook Profile ENGLISH IMMERSION https://www.facebook.com/english.immersion.brazil - We will accept your request and add you to messenger for video calls

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